Vilmantas Zilinskas is based in Lithuania, Europe. Traveling around the world Vilmantas is defined as a photographer of women's beauty. He devoted past ten years of his life to wedding, portrait, glamour and erotic photography art. Photographer is well known in his country for sensual erotic, fashionable wedding and vivid nightlife photography. Voted as one of the top 10 wedding photographers in Lithuania, Vilmantas images have been printed in many magazines like Playboy, Vestuvės (Wedding), Stilius, Žmonės, Sheeba. Erotic ant glamour pictures made by Vilmantas goes viral on Instagram, Tumblr and other social channels.

Working with his partner makeup artist, they are highly on demand, so bookings for photoshoots are welcome 2-3 months before it. Wedding bookings are arranged for 1 year at least.

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